Residential air duct cleaning

Residential Duct Cleaning

A home is a place of comfort that comfort includes the basic technologies and amenities that make us enjoy being at home.  The air duct is a part to which the clean air members of the home use pass by. This makes it a vital part of the home and the health of those living in it. It might not seem so important until you realize the dangers of not regularly cleaning your air duct.

Some of the dangers of not cleaning your residential air duct include:

  • Contaminated air
  • A dust-filled home
  • It could cause allergies
  • Lower efficiency in the cooling unit
  • Breeding of bacteria, viruses, fungus, and mold spores
  • It could also cause pollen generation and pet dander
  • Animal and insect feces might begin dropping from the vents
  • You become prone to dust mites

Air duct cleaning is not a task for every other week, but possibly an annually or bi-annually need. But to know if your vent needs a thorough clean up you should note these points

  • The presence of pets
  • Regular smoking habits in your home
  • Regular cleaning and dusting habits
  • Have you begun seeing dust trails in the house?
  • Is the house a new one or else have you lived in it for more than three years without cleaning your vents?
  • Is there a member of the family with respiratory problems?
  • Do you regularly find cobwebs from the vents
  • The appearance of mold, and other insect or bacteria signs.

If your home and vent have more than two of these points listed, you know it’s time to get it cleaned.

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