Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance

Furnace Cleaning Markham

A furnace is a taste of the ancient feel and modern technology. Having one running in your business area will undoubtedly need a clean up every once in a while.  But this is a hectic job that will demand a lot of your time.

Rather than lose your precious time trying to clean machinery as such with fewer chances of total success, just reach out to a professional furnace cleaning team. We are just that firm, and we offer such services. Here is what we do for your furnace cleaning and maintenance when you hire us:

  • We start by taking out the combustion chamber door
  • Then we look over the burner flames
  • We vacuum the burner carefully but thoroughly
  • We also vacuum the blower cavities
  • We take out the entire blower and wipe it down
  • We clean off the blower blade, by vacuuming and scrubbing
  • Using a regular fiberglass filter, we change the furnace filters.
  • We focus on the pilot and clean it out
  • The flame sensor also gets a nice clean
  • We also carefully wipe off the dust on the igniter surface
  • We look over the drive belts to check its conditions
  • Lubricating the parts is the next step.
  • Resetting the dampers if need goes next
  • And finally, where there are vent leaks, we seal off with duct tapes

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